Our World v/s Our Nation

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I don’t understand the concept of nationalism. I don’t feel patriotic when I hear the National Anthem. Does that make me a bad person? Why is it so important?


Beginning from school, our minds are fed we are taught about patriotism, we are told how important it is to respect our flag or our national anthem and so on. With all due respect, I still don’t get it why is it important?


Shouldn’t we instead teach our children and our selves One World, One Nation? Aren’t we creating a divide by promoting patriotism? Why can’t all states, all nations, all continents be one? Why this divide? Perhaps it evolves from the concept of survival of the fittest. People belonging to the stronger group are going to be better off than the weaker countries. But may be this is Law of the Universe.


But what really astonishes me is the need for an army of people to protect us from the likes of us! I was reading about the hardships that our army men face, and it really got me thinking, why is it needed…Why aren’t we realizing what we have become. And the gravity of this situation is very very under rated. Weren’t two World Wars enough to make us realize? Perhaps it did. But not as much as needed.


May be I am being too idealistic. But I think it’s time to stop thinking as Our Nation and start thinking as Our World. Mind it, what I am talking about is different from world peace. World peace is one of the positive consequences of ‘my world’. What I exactly mean to say is, instead of having loyalties and patriotic feelings towards our respective nations, having loyalties and patriotic feelings towards this whole earth is much better value. For e.g., why do we only wish to uplift the poor people of our country. What about those in the under developed regions of South Africa? Aren’t they humans too? So why not as much compassion for them as for ‘our people’?


We take pride in our advancement in nuclear technology. Does anybody not realize where this is all this heading? And such ideas are accepted and even promoted. It’s a mandate to have a strong nuclear arms backing. What has the world become! But I think this is how it is going to be. Because it has all evolved from the basic human instinct of Survival of the Fittest. Family…Society…Religion…Country, any institution, regardless of the size is created from this instinct of ours. It develops a sense of belonging and created a safe harbor for us. It gives us the strength to fight for ourselves and survive in this world. But every such institution ultimately creates a divide amongst us.


What more will it take for us to realize that we all are ultimately one as human beings, coming from the same plane, heading towards the same plane. Hopefully we will realize it some day. Keeping my fingers crossed till then.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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