Problems are a part of life. There’s no human being that did not face any problem in their life. We regularly face problems but that may be a small matter or it might be a big issue. Problems arise and we human beings tackle it in order to overcome, ultimately we jump to finding solutions to get rid of problems. A human being is incomplete without problems. If a problem arises then we fight and find a solution so it makes us perfect and better with each mistake we make. In the light of this context “6 most common problems every teenager face” is the epicenter of discussion.

” Most Common Problem Teenagers Face Today”


Teenagers face real problems on a daily basis.It is the most crucial and important stage of life that’s between 13 – 19 years. During teenage years teens are exposed to tremendous struggle both external and internal. Teens often face some changes in their life and they have to cope up with hormonal changes, puberty, social and parental forces, peer pressure especially from school and college friends and much more. They feel overwhelmed due to lots of stress coming up because of school and college and career confusion situations and intense competition from friends. The 6 most common problems which teens face on a daily basis are as follows:-

·         Self-Esteem and Body Image:- Teenage years are the last growth phase of life where teens have to cope with numerous body changes. Many teens feel that they are either too thick or too tall or too short etc. This feeling leads them to spend time wishing they were good looking, not too thick, not too short. Some boys even develop the feeling of having a muscular body and on the other hand girls spend time thinking to wish they had curly hair and vice versa. This feeling directly affects the self image. As a teenage boy or girl’s body changes so do the self-image. They perceive others particularly school and college friends to view them as they view themselves. If they don’t like something in themselves then they acquire self-esteem and body image problems. This becomes worse when they fail to adjust it. Most youth’s ability to develop positive self-esteem is affected by parental criticism and family life. Teenagers often face negative comments from others about their appearances, the way they talk etc stuff are the causes of the development of poor self-esteem and body image in teens.


·         Study Pressure:- Study pressure is one of the most common problems which every teen face. They face study pressure from teachers and parents especially. Parents expect their wards to bring excellent grades in their academics but not all are goods isn’t it. Even if you get good grade still parents ask for even a better grade. Nowadays education system has become such that you have to get good grades in order to get admission to good colleges. Due to this teens come under pressure and cheat. If caught then the teen need to face worst consequences which make them rebellious and less disciplined. Parents should definitely understand that not all the students get best grades, in that case, they need to be supportive and must allow the child to bring out the best in them and not pressurize them to perform.


·         Bullying:- Bullying is one of the major problems which teens face on a daily basis. It causes fear in the minds of kids, which makes them nervous going to school every day. In most of the cases, it is found that kids are subject to extreme bullying which makes them live in a state of constant fear. It is relentless as they are bullied often in school, their academics and mental health suffer due to this. It is done mostly because of appearance and social status which at times causes serious and life threatening problems for bullied teens. Some bullies attack their target physically and some indirectly through spew of verbal insults. The latest edition of bullying is cyber bullying where teens receive offensive comments, messages, emails etc. It is a crime and recognized as offensive behavior. Parents and teachers should educate teens about bullying so that they could report acts of bullying. Media can also play an important role over here. Thus bullying should be stopped at all costs.


·         Depression:- This is the worst problem which every teen face. Direct reason can be the effect of the breakup of a love relationship. In some other cases failure of getting affection, attention from opposite sex can also serve the purpose. It becomes difficult for the teens to cope up after the breakup. It deals a lot of damage to the teen mentally. Those who are true lovers they are the worst sufferers and those who take love for granted or have flirting nature they are always cool in their life not paying attention to others but themselves. In this period boys like girls and vice versa and try every means in order to impress their opposite counterpart. If it fails then some teens face hell lot of depression. Love relationship makes the situation worse. Breakup causes emotional pain in teens and in extreme case they opt for suicide, the only choice to make. Ultimately parents also suffer. Poor self-esteem and body image problems also play its part very well. If that be the case then parents should play an important role over here by comforting them and accept who they are. If the parents support their child then it would calm them, also parents should tell them that it’s important to have high self-esteem and be comfortable in their body. The decline of interest even in small things, dropping of grades in school and college, preferred isolation are some of the symptoms of high depression. If teens express themselves then they would be allowed to do so without any interruption in conversation. Parents should take proper care and attention and in this case, they are the true friends of teens.


·         Drugs, smoke, and alcohol:- Youths those who are particularly early teens drink, take drugs and don’t hesitate to take even alcohol. These substances are harmful to health especially drugs which can be deadly and sometimes proves to be fatal. In a major country like the USA, drug abuse is a major problem not only affecting teenagers but also parents and their families. This matter is of utmost importance because lots of teens are getting affected so parents, school, and media should educate them and save them from these evils. If they are taught properly they will surely come to know about its toxic effects and they would make educated choices. There are many instances of accidents and in most of the cases, it is found that the person who is dead was drinking and driving. Actually, the case is controlling and resisting own self from taking these things. Those who don’t take are ok but those who take they are getting affected. So parents must keep track of their wards very well and an effort must be made in society to wipe it out partially if not totally because these things are going to stay till the destruction of earth.


·         Cyber addiction:- Internet from its very beginning is serving the humanity. It’s also undeniable that it provides us knowledge immensely. But teens are misusing it. Most of the teens are addicted to adult sites, Facebook, WhatsApp and much more which ultimately is a time waste and finally affects the students mentally during the exams because they studied less and were busy doing stuff. Those who can control themselves are performing good in exams and those who aren’t their grades are badly affected. This is how teens fall prey of cyber addiction. It can be as deadly as addiction to drugs and alcohol. Social networking is now a craze and teens spend a lot of time due to it. So they suffer from mental and physical problems, becomes obsessive about intense thoughts etc. This thing is unstoppable so care should be taken by parents in order to ensure that their wards are ok and are not into any kind of problems.


Parents need to approach their wards in a friendly manner and discuss the problem(s) which they are facing. It is of utmost importance that their feelings and thoughts are vital and should be validated and the validation needs to come from parents.

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