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The movie Pink, has made a lot of noise for all the right reasons. It depicts major and minor issues that women face every day in a realistic manner. It establishes the point, NO means NO, something that even many highly educated people have yet not understood, very lucidly. It invalidates the rationale behind homilies like “Women should not venture out of their homes at night”, “Women should not drink”, “Women should not hang out with guys”, etc., that have hounded women forever. But, besides the central premise of the movie, what appealed

to me in the movie was the manner in which the female bonding was depicted.


This is a theme seldom picked up by Bollywood Movies, in spite of male bonding being celebrated in a plethora of Bollywood movies. Another Bollywood movie that depicted the female bond well was the 2012 movie Cocktail. In the movie, Veronica (played by Deepika Padukone) gives shelter to a fellow Indian immigrant Meera (played by Diana Penty) thrown on the streets by her fiancé. The two girls are polar opposites; nevertheless they hit it off and become the best of friends. When both the girls end up falling in love with the same guy Gautam (played by Saif Ali Khan), Meera gives him up for Vernonica’s sake and moves out of their lives. I know this premise is pretty clichéd, but the movie deserves credit for breaking stereotypes on women.


Female friendships have always been a part of Hollywood movies though, specially the chick flicks. In most of the chick flicks, the lead actress has a female friend who is her confidante, advisor and support system. Hollywood also has its fair share of movies with the friendship between the girlfriends forming the central storyline. Bachelorette, Sex and the City, The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, Bridesmaids are some of such movies.


In the movie Pink, three girls- Minal, Falak and Adrea (played by Tapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari and Andrea Tariang respectively), share a house together and also share a beautiful bond that ultimately becomes their safety net when they fall. The girls share many traits in common- courage, independence and loyalty. All three of them have a job that involves “late night” travelling. These common traits and circumstances bring them close as they live together. They help each other, take a stand for each other and become each other’s support system when they are tried and tested. 


The point that I am trying to make here is, female friendship has not received its fair share of focus in Bollywood movies in spite of being as much a part of women’s lives as any other thing. Probably that is why it hasn’t received its fair share, because it is a part of women’s everyday life, although Bollywood has recently given many good women centric films. There remain many untapped opportunities for Bollywood when it comes to women; the female bond being one of them. I envisage some of these opportunities receiving focus in the future. My fingers are crossed!

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