Indian ultra marathoner Samir Singh undertook a challenge of completing 10,000 km in 100 days which is nothing less than a Herculean task. But unfortunately, he fell short of his targets by 36 km that is to say he covered 9964 km in the span of 3 months. He might fell short of his target but he won our heart and made us proud. During this journey, he was inflicted with much physical pain but still, he never gave up. Apart from physical pain, he had a lack of equipment and financial supports still Singh managed to overcome restraints, finally succumbing to the pain and exhaustion he was bearing ending just 36 km short of his target in the nearly 3 months long run.
It was April 29th, warm summer morning when legend Samir Singh began his journey barefoot along with his childhood friend Ramesh in tow. Together they ran about 20 km until they reached the southern tip of Mumbai starting off from suburban Mumbai. His friend gave up but Samir continued on himself. He ran until Sunday that is August 6th when his exhausting and legendary feat finally came to an end. He had a GPS watch that read 9964.19 km, putting his 10,000 km journey over 100 days agonizingly short of his target. Despite this herculean effort, Samir was already thinking of his next challenge that might involve even a long run or a continuous run of 300-400 km.
His achievement would have got recognition if he decided to catch Usain Bolt in his last moments on the track at IAAF World Championships in London on Saturday, he could have started comfortably after a month he did and could have comfortably reached the target on time because the distance from Mumbai to London is 7187 km.
Now one question arises here. The question is why would one undertake such a life threatening pursuit? Another question also comes up: How did he managed to complete even 9964 km in about 100 days when professional marathon runners are advised not to run consecutive days even marathons don’t last for more than 43 km.
Legendary runner Samir who hails from a village in Madhya Pradesh answered it simply like this.
“People say that the body has limits, my students have complained of being advised against over using their bodies. But according to the holy scriptures, the body has no limit. If you have dreams your body will take shape accordingly. My experience is a testament to the same. God has given us our bodies and our mental capabilities define its limitations,” Samir who is also a running coach told Hindustan Times.
“Human beings possess a power far beyond their knowledge. It’s all about discovering one’s self,” added Samir, and at the end of the pursuit, he was bruised as he covered the extensive distance barefoot.
Imagine the challenge of running 10,000 km in 100 days. It means you have to cover up 100 km per day. Even for an experienced runner, this might seem near impossible but as per his words, his inner force was the driving force behind this feat. Every human being has high dreams but most of them after covering some distance returns back because of extreme pain that the real world poses despite our heroic thoughts. Now he is truly exceptional and for Indians, he’s a role model for all the youngsters to achieve something big. His name should be definitely in Guinness Book of World Records. Indian Government should award him with bravery award as he defied all dangers, challenges etc whatever you say and still went on to achieve this feat. Really he’s a talent as he achieved this without anyone’s help and most importantly he did this on barefoot where there were chances of injuring his legs. Hope to see more and more Samir Singh in near future who would achieve high feats based on their domain of choice. Really we should be proud to call yourself an Indian.
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