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You might remember the days of Orkut when writing scraps and testimonials was considered to be the coolest thing and people used to put celebrities’ pictures as their profile pictures.

Social Media was thought to be the new hangout place where even the introverted could float their thoughts and ideas.


When Facebook took over Orkut, with newer features and a better user interface, more people got glued to this hangout place. Soon, many other platforms like Twitter, Vine, etc. mushroomed. All these things were assumed to have a positive impact on the world and they did meet the expectations.

The world became smaller and much well-connected. People became much more aware about the global happenings, trends and technology. Ideas, jokes, wisdom, experiences – everything was being shared with everyone from different parts of the world. But soon, the negatives hidden behind these positives started to emerge out.

Now, everyone had an opinion on everything. People started imposing their ideas on the world by criticizing anything that they didn’t like. Tolerance and forgiveness reduced. There were incidents of violence, crime and threats only as a reaction to social media posts. Freedom of expression was getting curtailed.


Imagine living in a city where everyone is given a microphone and can say anything and the others around him have no choice but to listen to what people are saying. Imagine if in that city, one day you wish to express your views on a social affair and as soon as you speak on your microphone, hundreds of people start criticizing you, swearing on you and giving you threats. That city would be no less than hell. Social Media has become that city. A noisy city.

While scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed, I get nostalgic about the days before the social media had trapped me. I had so much time for doing so many things. I had hobbies and interests which I loved to follow. I was less jealous of the world around me and rarely cared about materialistic pleasures. I used to mind my own business and was never conscious about how I appeared to the world.

Social Media led to the development of insecurities in people. They became conscious of their looks, grammar, dressing-style, thoughts, etc. and this led to a low level of confidence in many people. Inferiority Complex in many people is quite high, just because of getting less number of likes on their posts or not getting the desired attention on such platforms.

Every good thing has an expiry date and most trends around us soon die. Social Media has been around for quite some time now and keeps getting new addicts every day. It can be called similar to the addiction of smoking, which appears cool in the beginning, but with time, people realize how stupid they were to fall to its trap. I myself am trying hard to get myself free of this trap but then, the addictions are not so easy to get rid of.

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