Spirits roll free around us after death. Mortals and their existence are one among the foremost difficult development on the planet Earth, along with those proven scientific theories some supernatural theories also do exist.
In this emerging society, you believe in the ghosts and spirits or not but you cannot deny the existence of a spirit in a mortal. But Do you ever think where do these spirits fly out after the death of a person? It is an interesting as well as tricky question.

This question could have many answers, and those answers can vary on the basis religious and cultural values.

There is another bizarre fact states that the soul once comes out of the body, it observes the body for a few minute because now it is taken to the another level, into a realm where all its deeds will get gauged. This process refers to a different question which is why do a number of the spirits keep roaming in our world and what after that? Do they roam around anymore?

Yes, there are multiple reasons spirits roam around after the death. So here we go, spirits roam around:

Spirits Never Get Dead
Yes, we humans are mortal but our spirits are immortal. No matter what happens with a human body, but the spirit never gets dead. And they don’t easily accept the fact that the body is no more. It is exhausting for them to accept the reality. These spirits keep roaming the environment of the conventional world unless they’re certain that they need no bodies and they are literally dead.

Their Revenge
Some of the human deaths happen due to certain mishaps like road accidents, rape, murder etc and that they get on a revenge spree. Even this is a proven fact of Vedic scriptures that spirits take revenge for themselves. until their revenge is complete they roam around and don’t leave the planet. And anticipate the correct time for hurting those folks. No matter what proportion of time it takes they solely go once they get done with their revenge utterly.

Attachment To Their Loved Ones
We all encompass a family or some people with whom we’re extremely connected by heart and once any of us die our attachment and love still remains the same and it craves even more when that person is no more around. That pain doesn’t let those died spirits go. This makes them persist with us and they stay roaming around their loved ones. Even the spirits of your loved ones give you the signs of their presence, they try to stay around you and protect you from the bad powers.

Complete Their Incomplete Tasks
It is gaining a socially proven fact that spirits roam around to fulfill their incomplete deeds, some of the individuals die before finishing a number of necessary and desired deeds of their life that makes them hooked onto these tasks even after death.

May Be, Not Their Time
Some of the spirits are bound t roam, they probably don’t have any other option. They died the unnatural or certain death. Each soul has got to complete their pre-decided tenure, but those who died early keep stuck within the world. They need to reach the set purpose of the life. These spirits don’t have any choices except roaming around.

These were some valid reasons that spirits tramp free even after death.

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