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Have u ever seen a smile on someone’s face when you help somebody , don’t you think it feels so relieved . I met a women in metro she was blind and she was looking for somebody who could help her reach the exit .

I helped her and it felt so good . I was a bit worried about something and after helping her when I saw the smile on her face all my worries were gone . Help people whenever you feel they are in need and tell that person to help others as well. My brother always says there is no harm in giving extra 10rs to rickshaw wala as neither you will get poor nor he will get rich . Never bargain from those people as they are really putting in effort .

If you have the capability to help someone, do it and you will see how good you will feel when you are getting someone out of trouble. I will give you one more example , there was a lady who used to come at our home to sell snacks like biscuit , namkeen . Her age was more than 85 or 90 and at this age we cannot expect this old person to sell something and that too door to door. She was an inspiration .

We always used to pay her more as she never knew how much she is getting paid and I would feel so bad for her that at this age also she has to go door to door to feed herself. So, you never know the story of other person so help anyone in need. Don’t you feel good when you are in trouble and someone comes and help you don’t you feel like giving blessing to him/her . Smile is precious , you never know when your this act can make difference in someone else life . Go for it because kindness costs nothing .

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