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Anemia has become a very common among youth in India. Today every third person is suffering from anemia. Earlier it was only women, who were suffering from it. But today even a kid is anemic. So, basically what is anemia and how is it caused?

Anemia is caused when your blood is short of red blood cells or hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is like the life line of the body. It supplies oxygen to the body tissues. It also helps in maintaining the shape of red blood cells. When your body does not get enough oxygen, it means that your hemoglobin level is low or your body does not produce enough red blood cells. Red blood cells are also known as Erythrocytes are the most common blood cells in the body. However there are some food, which can help you combat anemia. The food has to be rich in iron that has nutritional value too.

  • Spinach: Spinach is on the top of our list, when you need iron. It is low on calories and rich in minerals. Your body needs iron to produce sufficient hemoglobin, and spinach fulfills that requirement.
  • Lentils: 100 gms of boiled dal contains 3.3 mg of iron.Lentils include tur dal, chana dal, masur dal and moong dal.
  • Legumes: Various legumes are rich source of iron. Legumes come from the family beans like kidney beans, chick peas, black-eyed beans and pinto beans. A serving size of one single cup can supply up to a quarter of your recommended daily iron intake.
  • Fenugreek: Also called as Methi is used as a herb and spice. It is the most common ingredient used in our daily cooking especially during winters. Apart from iron, they are rich in minerals and vitamins.
  • Dry Fruits: Who doesn’t love to binge on dry fruits when you are bored? Raisins, dried peaches, and apricots are the most iron friendly food. Have a handful of these dried fruits and include it in your daily diet through cereals or just eat it like that.
  • Beet root: An anemic person is always advised to sip on beet root juice daily. Beet root has properties that can cleanse your system thereby restoring red blood cells and supplying oxygen to the blood.
  • Poultry: Poultry products like chicken, liver, beef, lamb and pork are the healthiest product of iron among meat eaters.
  • Sea Food: Our body needs the mineral iron for manufacturing heme – a compound that contains iron. Sea food like oyster, shell fish and fish are very rich in iron.
  • Tofu / Paneer: Tofu is quite healthier than paneer as it has iron content. Paneer is Indian’s luxury food. Any party is incomplete without a paneer curry! Though paneer is a milk product and a source of calcium, calcium is also known as Iron Absorption inhibitor.
  • Fresh Fruits: When one thinks about iron rich food, fruits are the last options. But there is an exception. Water Melon has iron content. Even dried peaches and apricot have plenty of iron.

Though it is believed that vegetarians do not have much choice in iron, but that is not fully true. But  over centuries, it has proved that vegetarians and vegans have other means of gaining iron. Iron is the necessity of our lives and our body. Eat iron fortified food and stay healthy.


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