Well we all are aware with the term “Despacito”. It is a song that became popular nowadays. Even if you ask anyone about it then he/she will commit that it is known to them, nowadays even you could hear someone singing “Despacito” to themselves. Both the singer and the rapper belong from Puerto Rico and they are Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee respectively.

The Concealed Truth Behind Your Favorite Song “Despacito”

Universal Music Latin released the song and its video on January 12th and in that song both artists were performing the song in La Perla neighbourhood of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and the local bar La Factoria. The song’s music video is the first ever that has reached over 3 billion views on Youtube. The song was written by Luis Fonsi, Erika Ender and Daddy Yankee, and was produced by Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo.

The Concealed Truth Behind Your Favorite Song “Despacito”

Now let us come back to our topic of discussion. For anyone this song is surely entertaining. But there are few who would care to find out its real meaning. It is such a song whose lyrics are based on sexual relationship. Now the song’s lyrics is in Spanish and throughout the song a description of sexual intercourse has been given. So let us look at the English translation of this song.

The Concealed Truth Behind Your Favorite Song “Despacito”

“Yes, you know that I’ve been looking at you for a while

I have to dance with you today

I saw, that your look was calling me

Show me the way that I’m going oh

You you are the magnet and I’m the metal

I want to breathe your neck slowly

Let me tell you things I’m getting closer and I’m setting up the plan

Just the thought of It accelerates the pulse

now I’m enjoying it more than usual

All my senses are asking for more

This must be taken without any trouble.”


Isn’t it interesting? Wait there’s lots of coming.



I want to breathe your neck slowly

Let me tell you things in your ears

So that you remember when you’re not with me


I want to undress you with kisses slowly

Sign the walls of your labrynth

And make your whole body a manuscript

Turn it up turn it up….. turn it up, turn it up”

Now this turns out to be funny because how one can undress someone by kissing only?


“If I ask you for a kiss , come give It to me

I know that you’re thinking about it

I’ve been trying for some time

Mommy this is giving and giving it

You know that your heart with me makes you bom bom

You know that this baby is looking for my bom bom

Come test my mouth to see what It taste like to you

I want to see how much love do you have

I’m not in a hurry , I want to do the trip

Let’s start slowly then wildly”


Now one might think what they are upto and what should they start slowly?


Your favourite places

Let me surpass your danger zones

Till I make you scream

Your favourite places

Let me surpass your danger zones

Till I make you scream

And forget your name


We will do It on the beach in Puerto Rico

Till the waves scream dear lord

So that my seal stays with you .”

The Concealed Truth Behind Your Favorite Song “Despacito”

So that’s the end of the translation. The song has become popular and everyone likes to listen to it. There are lots of individuals who might have heard for hundred times or even more than that. Now one might keep on listening to this song whole lot of times but when its deep meaning is exposed then we may not listen to it in the same fashion by which we used to listen. Now people listens to a song for entertainment purpose or might be for relaxation, song changes the mood totally. It’s upto an individual how he/she is going to take the song. One might ignore its meaning and enjoy the music and its spanish lyrics and on the other hand the song might become element of hatred for some. Its totally upto the individual.





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