The Days A Policeman Made My Day : Achla Choudhury

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It is a beautiful evening. I am sitting on the embankment above the rocks of Bandstand (in Mumbai) with my two best friends, enjoying the cool breeze of the Arabian Sea and singing nostalgic songs. I am one of the many Mumbaikars, enjoying one of the many cheap thrills of Mumbai.


Engrossed in my singing and backed by my clumsy nature, my wallet falls into a crevice in the rocks. And the rocks are at least three feet below the embankment and we are unable to reach the crevice with our hands. Watching us do all sorts of acrobatics to reach the wallet, a small crowd of people gathers around us. My friends explain the situation to the gathered crowd between suppressed giggles. Few of the people in the crowd offer to help us. Even they try different acrobatics to reach the crevice. Watching the whole circus is pretty amusing. But I cannot laugh out loud as the poor people maneuvering to reach the crevice are only doing so to help me out. Finally a young athletic fellow goes down on the rocks to fetch my wallet. But the crevice is deep and he is unable to reach the wallet with his hand. He then tries tog usin his slipper to get to my wallet out.  I am feeling a myriad of emotions- exasperation at my clumsiness, amusement at the ruckus I created and gratefulness toward all the people helping me out. The fact that both my friends are very beautiful might have also added one or two people to the list. Just saying.


Then a policeman walks into the scene asking us what exactly is happening. Mortified, my friends and I explain the entire situation to him. Now the reputation of policemen in Mumbai is the same as that in any other part of the country.

So I am expecting only two of the following things from him. Either he will downright refuse to help me out or will ask for money in return for help. But the policeman pleasantly surprised me and got down on the rocks to get my wallet without asking for anything. Like the previous fellow his hand too does not reach my wallet.

He then uses his baton to drag my wallet out of crevice and voila! he has managed to get hold of my wallet. He hands it over to me and begins to walk away. I am feeling extremely grateful that not only he did he take interest in my trivial problem, but also actually helped me. And though I know he is not expecting anything in return, I offer him some money as a sign of gratitude while thanking him. He vehemently refuses to take the money and instead gives me a lovely smile and walks away.


I stand there looking at him,my wallet in my hand and felling overwhelmed with a renewed faith in policemen and humanity. The day was like a Bollywood movie for me with songs, humor and a happy ending. It was the day a policeman made my day.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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