The Kids Reality Shows : REAL Or Fake ???

These days we are flooded with so many reality shows that after certain point, all look same and are often rigged to make their favorite participant win. Most of the time, they are staged to such an extent, that participants are paid to create unnecessary drama and fights to trap viewer’s emotion.

Viewers watch it and channels generate TRP’s out of it – everyone wins. People get entertainment by watching fake fights and that’s what TV channels want. What is more pathetic is when the makers of reality shows involve children through some talent show or singing show.

Does it make any sense that a kid’s innocence is being used to garner attention for drama and TRPs. Poor kids do not have any inkling as to what is happening around them is fake. Sometimes the kids get too carried away with reality shows in a bid to win or not to lose, that it affects their mentality. There are even some desperate kids who come in the show to win big, so that they can support their families financially. But when that does not happen, the kid is so heart broken, that there are instances where they do commit suicide.

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Many celebrities have come forward to raise their voice against banning child reality shows. The first one to raise his opinion was Piku Director – Shoojit Sircar. He took to twitter and wrote “Humble request to authorities to ban all reality shows involving children. It’s actually destroying them emotionally and their purity”.

This was just one instance. Way back in 2010, an 11 year old Mumbai girl committed suicide by hanging herself. Reason? Because the girl Neha, who was an avid dance enthusiast and had even participated in dance competition show `Boogie Woogie’ , felt dejected when her parents refused her to attend dance classes.

It was just a silly reason and that was the end of it! Children are so attracted to these reality shows as if this is the only platform that will give them name and fame. And if they get selected, this can lead to newer things in life. But getting selected is just 1% of the work done. These singing reality shows needs lots of sacrifice, dedication and discipline. The kids are too small to understand this at such a tender age.

What these children don’t realise is that this is jut a competition and there will be only one winner. There will be plenty of opportunities ahead in life. Parents are to be blamed equally in this scenario. They push the kid to such an extent that kid thinks that there is no looking back and winning is his ultimate goal. Parents are looking to fulfill their dreams through their child which is absolutely not right.

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A request to all the parents who are looking to send their children in reality shows or talent shows should remember that, at this age education and enjoying their life is most important. Let the child remain a child. Innocence once lost cannot be regained. And the child does not remain a child.

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