Not many Indian audience and people were aware of Sunny Leone before. She gained popularity only after her Big Boss stint and some condom ads. Sunny wanted to gain a foothold in the Bollywood movie industry. But her past as a porn star had always become a hindrance. She wanted to leave her past and lead a new life in Mumbai, the city of dreams. She started getting small roles and some item songs. She did not know hindi before. So she worked on her flaws and slowly but not fully, today people have somewhat accepted her.

But recently Sunny did something very few Bollywood people have actually did it. Last month, Sunny adopted a small baby girl from Latur, Maharashtra. They have named the girl Nisha Kaur Weber. This small girl has been rejected by 11 parents before she landed in Sunny Leone’s life and family. Sunny Leone applied for the adoption process through the adoption agency CARA through a web portal on September 30, last year. She was referred a child on 21st June. Child Adoption Research Agency (CARA) CEO, Lt.Col. Deepak Kumar told that Sunny did not look into the colour, background and health of the child, but she happily accepted the child as she was. Parents are given 48 hours to accept the child. Leone gave her nod the following day.

We all have thoughts that we need to give life to the children who are orphan, but rarely do we execute them in real life. Our talks are limited to our thoughts. When it comes to implementing them, we want a surrogate or our own blood baby. Why? There are so many childless couples in our country. Instead of cribbing or crying or visiting fertility clinics and spending lakhs of money on treatment, adopt a child and give that child a new life.

When all the formalities regarding adoption were complete, Sunny and her husband were allowed to take the child from Latur, to the pre-adoption foster care. Now they will have to wait for the court order that will make them the legal parents of baby girl, Nisha.

Sunny Leone, being an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) has follow the legal route required for adoption process. The child will be first offered to the Indian Nationals. If nobody comes forward to adopt the child for at-least 2 months, then the overseas applicants are given preference.

Kumar further stated that 60% of the child referred to foreign nationals are children with special needs and 90% couples prefer older kids who are more than 2 years old. This totally reflects our mentality.

We need to change our mentality regarding adopting a child. We should look beyond colour, caste and family. A child is a blank slate. However you want to mould can be moulded. Do not be judgemental when it comes to a child. Our society needs more people like Sunny Leone, who willingly accepted the child and gave her a new life. For a change forget about Sunny’s past and lets look at the positive change she has instilled in our society by her deeds.

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