We are so used to gadgets and gizmos that today it is impossible to live one minute without them. One second, our phone is out of our reach, we feel something is missing. Or if the internet is down, we become restless. It is difficult to say that are we getting possessive about our gadgets or are gadgets controlling us.

While it is true that gadgets and smart phones have made our lives easier and have even made people accessible through various apps.

Most people use tablets and smart phones for games and of course for chatting too. In fact smart phones and tablets have become a part of our lives. These games sure are addictive and a friend during your idle time!

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It is not surprising any more that even a two year old can crack the pass code of these gizmos. At times, these gizmos also are responsible for change in behaviour, especially in kids and teens. Mothers use these gizmos to show video to their child while feeding or capturing their precious moments.

Then there are games which are quite challenging and are quite popular with school kids. One such game is `Blue Whale’ game. This game has been played in several countries. The game has certain challenges or tasks that are assigned to players which they have to finish within the period of 50 days. During the course of these challenges comes the final challenge in which the player has to commit a suicide. This game has been developed in Russia. As soon as it was launched, it took over like a storm.

It is quite disturbing to hear that since the game has been launched, there are reports of many suicides happening all over the world. So far 130 people from Europe and Russia have committed suicide due to this last challenge. Most of the people who have committed suicide are in their early teens. The creator of this game Philipp Budeikin has been arrested on the suicide charges and has been given 3 year imprisonment. But the question is, will this suicide avalanche ever stop?

Last week, there was a news about an Indian boy, who was mere 14 years from Mumbai, who succumbed by jumping from the terrace of his 7 storeyed apartment.

Sadly, this is the first victim of this deadly dangerous game in India. It seems the boy has planned everything in advance. According to reports, it is not clear the reason for his death, but police says that Blue Whale angle cannot be ignored.


Who is to be blamed for this teen suicides? parents or the makers of the game? Definitely it is going to the blame game. In a way, parents are also giving away the gadgets easily to kids without any supervision. If you think that it is only a game, then think again. Parents need to supervise, when child downloads any app by keeping a pass code to themselves. That way, parents are also in loop as to what is happening and what is child watching on tablet and smart phones.

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