Tired of chasing a toned figure? Sure, you must be fascinated by the toned body of our celebrities woman and always seek to know some workout and dieting advice about them. You are doing hard core exercise and dieting to lose the extra fat out of your bulky physique but at the end of the day, those maintained figures of your loving celebrities are not that easy to get. So, along with your daily exercise and other routines you should keep following some basic diet tricks in your mind that will not that easy to follow but will surely help you.


You will be amazed to know that the researchers have done a full fledged study to know that at what pace human should chew the food. A human body cannot digest everything in one go. We should chew our food steadily even there are some studies suggests that if you taste and appreciate your food properly and eat it – you will eat less.


  1. Turn Off Your Taste Buds

It happens with all of us that we are full but still, our taste buds crave to have more and more chunks of food and we really can’t help in front on our tongue. But the best way to divert our mind from those yum dishes is to turn off our taste buds for a short span of time. You can easily turn off your taste buds with the help of Listerine strip.


  1. Eat More And More Veggies

Vegetables are the best thing to maintain our body, veggies are quite fulfilling according to what our body needs. We found that people who have a tendency to avoid vegetable are having more bad fats and calories than the people who consume a good number of vegetables in their daily diets.


  1. Add Some Vinegar

It will be quite weird for you, but really vinegar can help you to maintain a good diet. As it is high in acetic acid, which has some potent biological effect, it can help to kill bacteria of a human body and most especially the components of vinegar makes you feel full for a longer time. Not only to reduce weight, you should add vinegar in your daily food because it has many health benefits too.


  1. Do Not Over Accessorize Salad

We, humans, tend to think and invent but please don’t try it with everything, not at least with your salad. Stop over accessorizing salad, and just add a few things to make it good but don’t add too much of your ideas in it. Because our body needs the greener salad in its natural form.


  1. Have Some Tequila Shots

Yes, jokes apart tequila shots will definitely help you. Actually, there is a component that we found in tequila called the against, and it really helps your body to lose weight.


  1. Have Fibers Not Fabricates

Undoubtedly we should consume fruits and vegetable that are rich in fiber. But make sure you eat fruits and get the fiber in its real form, not in the form juice and drinks because those juices and drinks are only fabricated fruits that will never make you healthy.



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