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There are two feuds going on in the same family. The first is between ex-MD of Raymond Vijaypath Singhania and his younger son, current CMD of Raymond. The second feud is between Vijaypath Singhania and the four children of his estranged elder son Madhupati Singhania. The ongoing feuds have more twists and turns than an Ekta Kapoor serial There is also an alleged third angle.


Lets come to the first feud. Vijayapath Singhania has filed a case against Gautam Singhania alleging he has been denied basics perks and benefits of being the emeritus MD of Raymond. The bone of contention is a 36 storey building located in the plush and exorbitantly expensive Malabar Hill. The building is officially owned by the public limited company Raymond. Mr. Vijaypath Singhania after retiring was staying in one of the duplexes in the building at a nominal rent of Rs. 7500. Then he moved out for a few days, as the building was being renovated at with expenses being borne by Raymond. Vijaypath and Gautam Singhania were both okay with this arrangement. Now Mr. Vijapath Singhania wants to buy the building (along with sister-in-law and her children) at a price of Rs. 9,200 per square feet, which is significantly below the market prices. Mr. Gautam Singhania claims this price is 90% below the market price and has urged the shareholders to vote against this decision. Mr. Gautam Singhania claims that he is acting on the recommendation of the board. Mr. Vijaypath Singhania is distraught, being denied the luxuries he has lived all his life with. Meanwhile he is using certain sections of the media to gain sympathy.

Now we come to the second feud. In 1998, Madhupati Singhania along with his wife and four kids separated from the Singhania family and moved to Singapore. As per an agreement between Vijaypath Sighania and Madhupati Singhania, Madhupati Sighania relinquished all inheritance rights for himself and his four children. Madhupati claims that he separated from the Singhania family because of the way Vijaypath Singhania treated his mother and constant humiliation he faced at the hands of Vijaypath Singhania. The last straw was younger son Gautam Singhania being made the MD of Raymond. However in February 2017, when Vijaypath announced he would gift his entire stake of 37.17% in Raymond to younger son Gautam Singhania, his four grandhildren (from his older son) filed a case claiming their inheritance rights. They argued that they were minors when their father has entered into an agreement with Vijaypath and thus the agreement is not valid for them.

Now there is one more twist. A person close to the family, who wishes to remain anonymous claims that this is nothing but karma. As few years ago, when Vijaypath’s brother Ajaypath died, Vijaypath deprived his widow and children everything.


An insensitive father, gifted with an egoistic son and an ungrateful son, The entire family accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle (mainly received through inheritance) fighting for money and property and a karma angle Get your popcorn and stay hooked for the next chapter. This is so much better than an Ekta Kapoor serial!

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