These are the sings that you’re not an introvert, but just a shy extrovert:

You make friends easily.. as long as they do the talking.

You love meeting new people, but you’re not the best in social situations, and you prefer talking to people who are good conversationalists.

And if they take an interest in you, make you laugh and enjoy your company, you have a new friend.

You like company.. but you can be selective.

You love being around some people more than others.

You know you’re going to have a great time with those you like, and you know it’s going to be a drag with all the others. And that may influence your weekend plans.. a lot.

Your friends don’t think you’re an introvert.

“You, an introvert? You must be kidding!”

And they’re right. You’re just shy.

You love being in love.

You are a hopeless romantic. You love being in a relationship, you love having somebody to hug tightly and you love making your significant other the center of everything. 

And you don’t hide your feelings.

You love impressing people and making them like you.

You like making people laugh and seeing them happy, and you hope they like you for who you are.

And most times, your happiness lies in somebody else’s happiness.

You like company more than being alone.

Introverts are famously known to enjoy solitude. As a shy extrovert, you like being alone sometimes too, but honestly, you like being around friends and family more.

You like recognition, but you hate attention.

You work well behind the scenes, and you think you deserve recognition for what you do. But when you start getting attention in front of everybody else, you’d rather slide back into the dark again.


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