Do you remember the last happy day that you have had at your workplace or did you ever experience a day full of joy while working? Do you really like working at that place where you are?

Bad and Good days are a part of our daily lives but does it ever seem like that you have not satisfied with the work you are doing? If you are actively feeling stressed for your work than it could be a sign that your job is not equitable to you. 



Here are 7 undeniable signs indicating high time to leave the job you are doing.

Not Happy With Your Job

The major criteria of knowing that whether it’s time to quit the job or not, is measuring the level of your happiness. Happiness is the ultimate thing which a person desires to have in life but if you are not pleased with the work you are doing then definitely you are not justifying.


Not Enjoying The Work

Ask yourself, why are you working? Just to earn or to enjoy your work?

Every evening, you feel ending up a pathetic day instead of satisfying yourself then you are not made for the job you are doing. And it’s time to leave and do something which you really enjoy to do so that you can work with a greater interest and enjoy the things.


You Are Not Getting Chance To Show Up Your Personal Skills

Is your profession jibes with your personal skills?

You are working in a highly paid job but not getting a chance to show your personal skills than you surely are working at a worthless place. Because being a professional your priority has to work at a place where you work and at the same time, you could explore yourself.

It is easy to get stuck in your work but if you are working at a place where the workload is overshadowing your personal skill, indeed you are not doing justice with yourself.


You’re Not Growing


Do you feel that you are learning and growing in your career?

It could be a reason that you don’t see a path for promotion at the place where you are working. And if you have been doing the same work for years and still stuck in the same position then it can be really a place where you can’t grow. So, it’s better to leave the place and go for some other than the present one where you really feel that you can outgrow with a new hike of growth.


You Got Serious Trust Issues

‘Trust’ is one of the most important factors while getting in any deal. So you have to trust your management and your head, and likewise, they too have to trust you.

But if you and your management are not able to establish a trustworthy relationship, it is impossible for you to work there.


Ideological Contradictions

A major sign of job burnout is ‘ideological contradictions’. Every individual has their own set of values and beliefs, according to which they live their life. But if you are not appeased with the working ideologies of your management then you can never achieve the internal peace at your office. May the activities in which your company engaged, are unethical or against your value than you would not able to work with all your devotion.


You Feel Ignored

Be at a place where you are celebrated not tolerated’.

Many people, feel ignored and laid off at your workplace. If the people at your workplace always keep you out of the loop and you feel left out then it’s unfortunate but you have to accept that you are not wanted anymore there.

As dignity is the utmost important thing, so if you are going through a stage where you feel ignored than its really the time to think about it.


Another Passion Is Calling You

Maybe the work you are doing is not your cup of tea or may you are not meant for this particular job.

You may have any other passion in your life which you want to pursue or which can give you the ultimate happiness. So, you can simply get over from your present job and let your heart follow its passion.



Don’t remain ambiguous about your instincts, accept what you are going through. Working at a place where you don’t feel gratified can be very harmful to your career. If any of these signs are striking you, then it’s really a time to get over of it and to make a change.

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