Third time’s a charm, really?

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Many people are absent-minded. They usually forget and loose small in size things like keys, wallet, phone, pens, etc. But I am among those absent-minded people who hold the distinct record of loosing their bag. Not once, but three whole times.


The first time I lost my bag was when I was sixteen years old. I was appearing for my tenth standard board exams. At that time, due to disciplinary purposes, we had to leave our bags outside the classrooms before our exams began and collect it while going after the exam was over. One such day, I left my bag outside the classroom. I got into my classroom, waiting for the exam to begin. I had my Mathematics examination that day. Paper came, I wrote the examination and left the hall to catch an auto rickshah back home. I sat in the auto rickshah and told the rickshahwalla my address. As soon as the rickshah began, I felt something missing. And it was my bag. Luckily I hadn’t gone far. I stopped the rickshah and ran to get my bad. Luckily it was where I left it. I checked my bag to see if something was missing. It was my day that day. Nothing was missing! But I felt silly and a bit amused at my own antics.


The second time was when I was twenty-two years old. I was doing my MBA from Indian Institute of Management Rohtak. We used to get a one-week break after every trimester ended. We usually visited our homes during this time,x as ours was a residential program. At the end of one such break, I returned to Rohtak from Mumbai. Rohtak was a two hour drive away from Delhi and most of us took trains or flights to Delhi and from there, drove to Rohtak. After my that return, I visited the loo on landing, which is what most people usually do. But what happened next, usually nobody does. I left my suitcase outside in the washroom when I went inside the loo. And when I came out, I washed my hands and walked straight out of the washroom to my car. Two hours later, I reached my hostel room in Rohtak. And five minutes later, it strikes me. I have no suitcase! I contacted the airport authorities and immediately went back to get my luggage.


The third time was today. I am a full twenty-six years old now, but old habits die-hard. I had a job interview in Chennai today and reached Chennai today morning 5:30 am via an overnight bus from Bangalore. As soon as I got down, I realized I forgot to take my suitcase out of the bus’ trunk. I realized it as soon as I got down and saw the bus zooming away. Luckily my husband had volunteered to join me on my this trip and I was not stranded alone in this pickle. My husband shouted after the bus, but obviously the driver didn’t hear him and the bus drove away. Now we didn’t have the driver’s number and instead called the bus company. They too didn’t have the driver’s number and took a whole of 15 minutes to get back to us with the driver’s number. In that time, the bus had reached its last stop, a good 15 kilometers away from where we got down. We took a cab down to the last stop, collected the luggage and again drove back 15 kilometers to our hotel. We wasted one hour of our life and some 450 rupees. Well apparently third time’s not a charm!


All three incidents are pretty stupid and I feel I deserve and award form my absent-mindedness. But I always have a good laugh when I think about the incidents in retrospection.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day 🙂

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