Tourism in India is rather very limited or is in its infant phase though there is a lot of potential the most practiced form of Tourism in India is Religious Tourism which is usually done by all members of family and when it comes to travelling individually or with a partner society either portrays it as a waste of time or resources without thinking about how much benefits it could yield for the traveler and people of the place where they travel. There are many countries around the world like Thailand and Sri Lanka which are earning by using Tourism to its best and India being a country of many countries many ethnicities and many different geographical locations are left behind. There are forms of Tourism like Tribal Tourism, Eco Tourism, Heritage Tourism and Wine Tourism which if utilized fully could yield much more earnings to the country than expected as in case of North Eastern India by Taking Nagaland into consideration a Land of Tribes yet there is a lot of death of proper infrastructure and facilities even Roadways are not good apart from Annual Hornbill Festival which is promoted by Central and State Governments further there are Tourism like Eco-Tourism for Nature lovers as well as Heritage Tourism with India Being a home to many powerful empires there is no dearth of historical monuments and Archaeological sites but either they are not promoted properly among the people or are leased to profit-making Agencies where there are not even basic facilities for Tourists in fact there is my example when I visited Kurla Caves near Mumbai there was Light in the Stairways and anybody could fall or get injured and when officials being asked questions about it their reply was irresponsible like light destroys the natural feeling of caves if that kind of feeling of us is more important to us than the health of the tourism and how can tourism in India sustain it is not that we don’t have resources but the thing is there is no proper utilization by our so-called officers.

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