Travelling alone makes me feel lonely too

I am over 2 months in Thailand this month and I just want to share few of my experiences here as an Expat Filipina Traveller.

Came to Bangkok originally to just travel and enjoy my 30days free arrival visa. I have a friend who lives in Bangkok and so it saves me the burden looking for a place to stay and places to visit.

My first impression about this country came upfront in the airport. I had a hard time finding my bagages and I got so confused where I should get the free arrival visa since the visa depends on your nationality. Me being an asian from Philippines it’s free but I did not know that because one of the personel from immigration asked me to fill out some form and line up for the payment of 1000baht only to realize i should not be lining up there and should be on the free visa.

Anyway to cut it short I am pointing out here communication is kind of difficult because people poorly speaks English. You can see and meet very few thai people who speaks fluent english. That makes it difficult for foreign people to seek information. Lesson 1: Buy a thai-english dictionary to save you from burden.

Bangkok is the center of Thailand so cost of living is higher than other provinces here plus expect the huge traffic especially during rush office hours.

On my first week I tried riding their BTS, tuktuk & pink taxi. As expected people charge more if you are a Farang  ( foreigner ). I think this happens anywhere. I am pro tourism so no problem with that so long as it’s not too much.

I observed some places like Siam & Nana in Bangkok are convenient to visit because i met a lot of thai who speaks fairly english. No issues with getting lost. This is maybe because there are alot of foreigners in this area.

Out of curiosity i tried applying online. There are a lot of facebook groups for people looking for jobs. I posted my cv there and luckily after a day a lot people contacted me for jobs offers. Most are for Foreign English teacher and some are related to my background. For foreign teachers some offered around 15-18000baht (free house and everything from different provinces) I accepted a job that offered me a high salary and wants me to start urgently somewhere in Surat Thani province as an English teacher.

Surat Thani is at the south part of Thailand which is 2 hours away from famous beaches like Khrabi, phucket and Koh samui. One reason why I accepted it because I wanna see beaches in Thailand. The house i got is near to almost everything like malls, church and stadium where i always go for muaythai and jogging.

Thai people are polite and nice especially to farangs but seldom they speak to us for the reason you already know.

They don’t speak much of the international language, even some of the thai teachers and directors. It’s not really much of burden but it is boring sometimes and I miss talking to people.

😂😂 There are just very few farangs in this town and me not really into visiting bars and pubs i don’t meet them. I guess they are there.

Mode of transportation of people here are mostly scooters and motorbikes which i probably should start practice using for my own convenience. Although taxi’s and tuktuk’s are always of help and reachable. I am just scared using motorbikes because it is prone to accidents if you’re not careful plus I am not used to driving at the opposite side which is on the left. In our own country it was always ‘Keep it right’.

I still enjoy it here so far. I actually made a list of places I wanna visit on hollidays and I am hoping to go there with some new friends. Travelling alone sometimes makes me feel lonely too. LoL. Thailand is very beautiful. I found peace here and my soul is contented.

I will write another blog about how is teaching in Thailand is. Teaching here is fun and exciting. I never teached before but as a teacher you don’t just teach them actually they teach you too.

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