Unbelievable Ideas That Have Became Reality Today

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The way people view you and the way you present yourself is the impression you will leave behind. As you go about the business of carrying out your life people make judgments about your appearance, personality, and capability.

If you don’t like the way your life is playing out you can always take a charge of your own perception of reality.

According to me here are some perceptions that now become reality.

*    “GST becomes reality today which was just for all Indian from the beginning.”

I have one example for it suppose, for any shirt maker company if shirt maker in UP buys dye in Bihar, he would have paid central excise and Bihar’s state taxes on that product.

On this cost, UP government would levy its tax if the shirt is sold in the state. If the shirt sends across the UP’s border and sold in Delhi, an export tax called central sales tax is collected by UP.

Before this, all people just make perception on it but because of GST, it becomes reality in today’s life.

*    “Demonetization”

Before this, according to people perception, India should become free from corruption. And today’s reality with this perception is nothing but Demonetization.

*    “Digital India”

Some people had the understanding India was not as well as compared to other countries. But today’s reality tells everything.

Digital India, helps for development.

*    “Earlier it was impossible for women to go out of the house but if today’s affirmation is the first time, women are leading all position.”

Earlier people were just thinking that women should get the same baggage, but due to some today’s progress it was possible and today that people perception becomes reality.

*    “Technology”

Previously India had the desire to introduce new technology and today Indian technology solution also leading.

People just made perception regarding technicality about India and but now the reality tells everything.

*    “Education”

It also becomes reality in the case of education that any person can prove himself to do something for himself in life.

*    “Internet”

In the past, people had to face many problems. But as look at the today’s reality Internet is the great innovation got to the world, and all perception becomes reality.

*     “Services facility”

Previously the service facility is not possible to reach people like hospital etc. But today’s technology origin can lead to the treatment of any disease.

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