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I believe the power of focusing on what is right with us & not dwelling upon what is lacking. Like in other words, we should focus on strengths not weaknesses.

But how does one know the difference between a weakness and strength that just need some nurturing? I came upon a great definition of a strength from an article -“Strengths are areas of endeavour where with practice & effort one can achieve consistent, near perfect, performance. Performance that is both excellent & fulfilling”.

 That means understanding our strengths & weaknesses can be tremendous value for our life & career. Because it will help us to focus on the right things in an optimal way.

Knowing our strengths will for instance help us to become more resourceful during difficult moments of our life. On the other hand, understanding our weakness will allow us to garner the necessary support you need in areas where we require more assistance.

Our strengths are found in the things that seem easy to learn and easy to do. These strengths often manifest as behaviors,characteristics,knowledge & skills.

None of us is born with strengths. Yes, some of us will certainly have some genetic strengths, however majority of our strengths stem or grow from our interests & curiosity & willingness to be more inquisitive about certain aspects of life. And this encourages us to learn more about these areas through experience, as we gain more experience we begin to develop strengths.


For better understanding of our strength, we can take some time to list our talent, skills & knowledge & we can question yourself like-

1) What is my strongest character attributes?

2) What strengths have assisted me most?

3) What part of my job do i do better than others?

4) What activities do i completely immersed?

5) What seems easy to learn & easy to do?


In the end the entire purpose of this assessment is to help you to make the necessary adjustment to our life & career path to utilize our strengths to achieve our goal. That is after all what really matters.


And assessing our personal weakness is important too. Our weakness is found in the things that seems difficult to learn and to do. To identify the areas of our weakness we can also question yourself-

1) What is preventing me from living the life i desire to live?

2) What have i personally struggled with over the years?

3) What has prevented me from performing at my very best?

4) In what areas do i lack the knowledge & i need to get ahead?

Finally with a little self-reflection & some honest feedback from friends, families one can identify his/her faults and one should start working on it to turn these liabilities from assets.

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