Before understanding cyber security or cyber frauds and its training we should start from the basic. We have to learn that what is cyber? And, What is the cyber risk?


What are cyber world and cyber risk?

The world of inter-computer communication, in a virtual form of information, refers to the cyber world. It is a huge network of WWW (world wide web), it is accessible to the whole world with some pre-requirements. It is a boon for humankind and development. But at the same time, it causes some negative factors too. And one of the major banes of cyber world is ‘cyber risk’ and ‘cyber crime’. The number of cyber risks can make you doubt the technology. The number of cyber risks is increasing day by day, it affects our economy and harms the global system.

The Global Risks 2015 report, published in January by the World Economic Forum (WEF), included this rather stark warning: “90 percent of companies worldwide recognize they are insufficiently prepared to protect themselves against [cyber attacks].”

Cyber crime costs need a huge economic support, it costs the global economy over US$400 billion per year. According to reports, in the year of 2013, around 3,000 companies in the US had their systems hacked by criminals.

The governments and businesses around the world are working hard to tackle with cyber risk and searching a better medium of defense. Undoubtedly, a lot of work has done to prevent cyber risk at the global level.

But you, as a manager of your organization are obliged to work for your employees, to prevent them with cyber risk and lessen the chances of cyber crimes at your workplace.

Ways To Teach Your Employees About Cyber-Security


Being the head of the organization it’s your duty to make your employees aware of cyber-security and its risk. For a better and effective approach, you can opt following ways to teach your employees about cyber-security.


  • First of all you must keep one thing in mind that from the utmost authority to the fourth grade staff, everybody is an employee and you should consider everyone equal. May be their posts, salary work and facilities are varied from each other but being their head its your duty to treat them equally and to take care of everybody’s security.


  • Keep talking about the cyber risks and security. Try to arrange workshops and learning sessions for them. So that they can remain updated about the their security and kinds of frauds.


  • Explain to the employees that, while you make the best effort to secure the company’s infrastructure, a system is only as secure as the weakest link. Encourage them to work co-operatively not just in compliance. Get open to them and discuss that we humans have weaknesses and we have to work on them.


  • Arrange regular sessions to explore different types of cyber attacks. And its better if you make it a part of your onboard training.


  • You can also warn your employees to stay alert about their social media activities. Tell them to pay special attention to suspicious links and unknown factors. Because a social-criminal will always make a new and complex strategy to fascinate victims.


  • Teach them that what they should do in case of a cyber attack. It’s better to prevent instead of get in case of cure, but if in case the face cyber attack. They should know how to recognize it and how to cure it.


  • Lastly, the best way to get assure is routine tests. You can take a test to check their knowledge about cyber security and its prevention.


Available Courses

There are various courses available in the market that give an adequate cyber training to your employees and prevent them from cyber frauds.



  • Cyber Security Awareness Basics


This course gives your employees a basic knowledge of cyber security awareness. It makes them aware of the cyber world and its functions. This course covers phishing threats, social media risks, safe internet usage, and all the essential topics your employees need to maintain cyber security compliance.



  • Privacy And data Protection


This course will include a vital training of privacy and data protection. It will teach that how your employees can keep themselves secured and protected in the cyber world.



  • PCI (payment card industry) Compliance Training


The main motive of this training is to provide knowledge about online transactions or transfer of payments and teach your staff how to effectively safeguard and protect payment card information.



  • Protecting Confidential Information


Confidentiality and trade secrets are two cornerstones of any successful business. The confidential information course covers all the basic topics of confidential information and avoiding insider training.

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