Nothing is easy to achieve in this universe if something has relevant significance than it will definitely charge some effort to come to the seeker. From the higher positions to the successful relationships or anything you desire, need some accordant action.

From the very easiest to the toughest task, human need to take action to get it done. Now, we will understand the spiritual way that is practically proven way to attain anything you desire. Yes, you heard right a spiritual way.

You can attain anything through the spiritual way by worshiping the God. Scriptures tell us to ‘Seek the God and his presence around us’. This law is very simple to understand, as in our families we demand things from our father or anyone who is the head so just think of God as your father. Seek behind your god or whatever you keep your faith in. Because the father is giving us the all the opportunities and chances to seek after him.

But what does this practically mean? So, let’s understand it in a simpler form. Think that what will a 5-year-old child do if he his father to get him a new by-cycle? Definitely, he will show some stubbornness to his father, he will persist his father to every possible extent to get his demand fulfilled. But notice that the child does never stop trying, he tried every possible way. He seeks behind his father.

The same law is applicable in the practical life of ours. Make your lord your father. Worship him and seek him as his son, and you will see the result, if your demand is appropriate he will never disappoint you. But sometimes we lose hope, we start losing faith from God and start blaming him without even thinking the loops. This is your test time, and you have to be strong for this team but we usually fail this round by losing our faith from our father.

Even in some cases, we start comparing our situation with other people but we forgot that God is our father, and he will not be playing favorites in this realm because a father could never be unjustified to any of his kid.

The only thing we human can do is keep yourself in action, keep believing in our God and seek him. Because all our good is asking for is that you seek him, love him and most importantly trust him unconditionally. And if you do all these things, you will see that you are living your life the way you want.

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